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We hire only the most experienced forensic structural engineers in the country. That’s how we ensure providing expert advice on all structural issues. 
Expert Advice
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Peace of mind with Expert Advice

At MFS Engineering we work with Senior Forensic Experts. They’re proud members of Engineers Australia. They have a rich background and years of experience in the Australian building industry. We hire only the most experienced forensic structural engineers in the country. That’s how we make sure to provide expert advice on all structural issues. Unlike design engineers, Forensic Structural engineers have targeted training toward forensic issues. They’re specifically trained to identify and propose solutions for damaged buildings. But that’s not all. They’re not only experts in the forensic structural field. They also know all about the ins and outs of the design engineering industry. Not every design engineer is a forensic engineer. But every forensic engineer is also a design engineer.

The reasons you need to seek advice from MFS Engineering's senior forensic structural engineers

Most people, however, have never heard of the term “forensic structural engineering.” This is concerning because almost everyone is in need of forensic structural services. Doesn’t matter if you are a homeowner or a loss adjuster you will need structural engineering services. Most people turn to design engineers to address structural failure or cosmetic damages to their property.  They do so just because they’re unaware of the role of a forensic structural engineer. Design engineers often have minimal forensic structural engineering experience. This can lead to inaccurate diagnoses and unnecessary expenses. Design engineers do not have the training, nor the experience, to conduct imperative aspects of a forensic investigation, such as a building inspection report, dilapidation survey or an Australian structural report. However, structural engineers at MFS Engineering do. 

Forensic Structural Engineers are trained to perform tests and reports that design engineers are not eligible to do.
MFS senior forensic structural engineers can provide truly expert advice

Our Senior Forensic Engineers have reliable knowledge and expertise. They developed their specific skill sets through years of hands-on experience in the forensic field. They are highly attentive and pay incredible attention to detail. They can notice what may seem to a design engineer like minor wall/home cracks but may be in reality an indication of severe structural failure. Only forensic structural engineers can provide truly expert advice when it comes to structure and damage analysis. 

MFS Engineering solutions are comprised of expert advice. Depending on the type or severity of the damage, a building inspection may reveal different needs. Sometimes a few words of advice are enough. Other times, a short building inspection report is required. And other times, a full and comprehensive forensic investigation is in demand. Regardless of the level of damage, our goal is to provide our clients with the proper knowledge they need. So that they can make informed decisions about their property and care for it. 

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When you work with a forensic engineer from MFS Engineering,   you would really understand every issue with your property. Because we feel the commitment to explaining the details of the problem to you. Whether you’re a homeowner or an investor, we will break down the forensic structural engineering terms for you. So that you get what’s happening and why.  

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