Building Defects Report

» Thorough building defect inspection.
» Non-structural and structural defect detection.
» Preparation of property defect list.
» Reports with High-quality photos of defects.
» Expert recommendations on next course of action. 
Building Defect Inspection
Discover Hidden Defects Before The Project Handover Reduce Costs And Insurance Claims

MFS Building Defect Inspection

At MFS Engineering, we perform every step in the building condition assessment process thoroughly and attentively to produce an accurate building defects report. Every inspection for producing a thorough building defect report is incredibly important. While some structural engineers and builders cut corners, we believe in proper execution of a building defect inspection and transparent communication with our clients.

  1. A senior forensic structural engineer will perform building defect inspections.
  2. During the inspection, the engineer will carefully assess the condition of the building.
  3. Our main focus is to find structural defects within a building.
  4. Our reports are easy to understand with high quality colour photographs and explanations of building defects.
  5. We provide expert recommendations on how to rectify identified building defects.
  6. Our reports are property defect lists that are easy to understand. No technical background needed.

« As experts in Australian building damage investigations, we are able to create a list of building Structural and Non Structural defects to help property managers in maintaining buildings throughout Melbourne » 

Benefits of Building Defect Inspection 

Uncover hidden building defects before project handover.

Find any significant damage and non-compliance with current Australian Building Codes and Standards.

Make the builder fix the defects as per Engineer’s recommendations within the builder’s warranty period. 

Do not allow Builders to get away with poor construction and poor workmanship.

Building Defect Report vs Forensic Investigation Report 

A building defect report is a report that lists all structural and non structural defects, as well as safety hazards that could be a product of lazy construction work or lack of expertise. It’s important to note that a building defect report differs from a comprehensive forensic investigation report. A building defect inspection focuses on identifying and reporting every property defect, but forensic investigation focuses on identifying root causes of limited numbers of damage to a building. Also a building defect report includes photographic evidence of every defect- even those that may seem insignificant like wall/home fine cracks. This report does not contain detailed recommendations or scope of works for repairs needed, but it does include expert advice on the next course of action.

Building Defect Report for Property Managers 

Detailed building defect reports can uncover hidden defects. For property managers or property owners, this is a crucial service because buying a home with significant structural failure or extensive non structural damages would be very costly to fix. Also, it is property manager’s responsibility to maintain the building they manage and keep all home owners happy. Therefore, before a project hand over or the selling of a property, property managers and owners should consult MFS Engineering for a detailed building defect report. Regardless of the size or age of your property, senior forensic structural experts will thoroughly inspect your property to determine any significant damage, as well as non-compliance with current Australian Building Codes and Standards. During our building defect inspections, we ask the building’s owner or manager for more details on the property that could have possibly caused damage. The more information we have the more accurate our diagnosis is. MFS Engineering solutions could save property managers and owners time, money and effort.

MFS Building Defect Inspections target the following issues: 

✓ Water ingress 

✓ Leaking balconies 

✓ Poor drainage and inadequate falls 

✓ Leaking planter boxes 

✓ Structural Cracking 

✓ Differential footing movements 

✓ Poor finishing 

✓ Essential safety measures 

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