Structural Design Engineering

» Superior design based on years of Knowledge and experience.
» Safe and durable designs by experienced forensic engineers.
» High quality and accurate designs that are created with passion.
» Customised footing designs to suit specific site conditions.

Why Forensic Structural Engineer For Structural Design?

At MFS Engineering, we have the best of both engineering worlds. From one end, we have our Forensic engineers with in-depth knowledge in determining how and why failures occur in different buildings throughout the life span of a structure. From the other end, we have the same expert Forensic Structural engineers with years of experience in designing various structures. This combination of knowledge and experience is used in our structural design and documentation to ensure that the buildings that we design are safe, durable, and compliant with the relevant Australian codes. Forensic Structural Engineers provide:

  • Sound and lasting structural design based on years of Forensic experience
  • Thorough engineering solutions and designs from footings to framing to minimize building issues that usually rise after project handover
  • Innovative, efficient, and cost-effective methods for structural design mixed with passion
  • Progressive design solutions by continuously challenging and disrupting conventional thinking

Why MFS Engineering For Structural Design?

At MFS engineering we believe in preventative structural design. We have seen just how significant of an impact minor design flaws can have on the long-term performance of a finished building. What may seem small to builders can lay the foundation for a huge problem in the future. Even if a building complies with relevant Australian building codes, it does not necessarily mean that it was built using good designing practice. Complying with Australian building codes and standards is just the minimum requirement- knowledgeable design engineers go above and beyond in order to prevent any building issues from ever occurring in the first place.

Based on our experience we have noticed that majority of building damage starts to show up after the builder’s warranty have passed. This has left many Australian homeowners in so much distress and disappointment as they don’t know who to blame and how to permanently fix their homes. We at MFS Engineering design in such a way to prevent any future damage in your property because we have extensive knowledge of all the things that could go wrong with your structure. We incorporate all our Forensic knowledge and expertise into our structural design services. Having your project designed by MFS Engineering is the difference between living in a disastrous money pit versus your dream home.

  • We create unique structural design for each home rather than duplicating the same footing design over and over
  • We design footings specifically suitable for the site condition with having their long-term performance in mind
  • We combine our forensic engineering background with structural design to minimise homeowners’ hassle of dealing with building damages
  • We put enough time and effort to design your dream home to last for generations

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"If all structural engineers are equal, the ones working for lower fees are doing less thinking."