Dilapidation Report

A dilapidation report assesses a building’s initial condition. It takes place before the commencement of neighbouring property’s construction.  The dilapidation report protects the owners in the face of possible damage. 
Dilapidation Report
Protect Your Investment Or Property Before Work Starts
Save Time, Money And Potential Legal Proceedings

Protecting Your Property Before Construction Begins

Before any construction starts nearby, it’s essential to understand and document the condition of your building. That’s where our Dilapidation Report comes in – it’s a proactive step to safeguard your property against potential construction-related damage.

Sometimes during construction work, the surrounding buildings get damaged.

What’s Included in a Dilapidation Report?

A dilapidation report includes photographic evidence of a building’s initial condition prior to the neighbors' construction work.

Our forensic engineers meticulously document your building’s condition before neighbouring construction begins. This includes taking high-resolution photographs of any existing damage and ensuring a clear baseline against which any post-construction changes can be measured. While this report doesn’t delve into damage causes, it’s a crucial record of your property’s pre-construction state.

Different From Reactive Inspections

Remember, a Dilapidation Report is proactive, done before potential damage occurs, unlike reactive building inspection or damage investigation reports conducted after damage is suspected. It’s about being one step ahead, ensuring peace of mind as construction begins next door.

MFS Engineering: Your Partner in Dilapidation Assessments

With years of experience in the Australian forensic structural engineering industry, we understand the importance of comprehensive dilapidation surveys. We ensure efficient, cost-effective handling of these critical assessments. Thinking of a Dilapidation Report? Reach out  to our experts for consultation and safeguard your property today!

 Dilapidation surveys are usually requested for several buildings.

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