Insurance And Loss Adjusters

Insurance And Loss Adjusters
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Forensic structural engineers can find the cause of property damage. But that’s not all. They also can identify the factors that lead up to this damage. Forensic engineers can help insurance and loss adjusters make their claims. This happens by informing them who is at fault for the property damage. These engineers determine whether the structure failed or was faulty, to begin with. Forensic engineers are the only ones able to break down the data, simplify it and explain the origin of the damage. A common misconception is that forensic engineers are only needed at the time of significant property damage. However, they can assist the claims process in several ways. Experts at MFS Engineering can help insurance and loss adjusters with every step of the claims process. This facilitates the settle their clients’ claims quickly and efficiently. While some claims may appear simple, a detailed forensic investigation can reveal hidden factors. This is only possible if performed as soon as the loss has occurred. Above all, large and complicated multi-party losses must be investigated by an experienced forensic engineer.

Insurance claims and damage assessment in building damage, MFS Engineering

MFS Engineering senior forensic structural engineers have years of experience in site investigations and identifying structural failure, damage, and defects for insurance companies, loss adjusters, and property owners. Their complete understanding of insurance policies and event-related and unrelated claims makes them an incredible asset to our team and to your loss and adjustment calculations.

Our years of experience have fully familiarised us with insurance requirements. We use this knowledge to conduct the site inspection and reporting processes tailored to insurance companies and loss adjusters. This allows you to avoid all unnecessary costs hidden within services provided by other companies. Our forensic and causation reports have been carefully simplified. This simplification helps loss adjusters and insurance assessors in their decision-making process. At the same time, Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) and Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) Officers can confidently rely on our expertise and timely responses.

Excellent Insurance And Loss Adjusters Solution from MFS Engineering

When you work with forensic engineers from MFS Engineering, you are guaranteed:

  • Quick Service: We offer fast turnaround times on both detailed inspections and comprehensive reports.
  • Affordable Engineering: Our cloud-based business model allows us to cut overhead costs. this way we focus solely on providing our clients with the highest quality services.
  • Conclusive Report: We provide comprehensive but simplified engineering reports.
  • Exemplary Client Service: We are always available to answer questions in person and via phone and email. Our groundbreaking CRM portal also allows us to communicate efficiently with clients. Our forensic engineers are trained to conduct:

Our forensic engineers are trained to conduct:

  • Detailed structural failure investigations
  • Thoroughly document defects
  • Analyse all structural problems

Our team conducts comprehensive insurance investigations with a solid interpretation of collected evidence while working with insurance and loss adjusters. We use field forensics and document analysis to create detailed reports. All of our reports include high-quality photographs, text, and oftentimes graphics, as well.

Our engineers have specialized knowledge of building damage. these damages can occur due to several reasons such as building code non-compliance, natural events, and more. For this reason, MFS Engineering offers a wide range of investigative services:

  • Damage Assessment: Damage assessment is a crucial aspect of every forensic investigation. It can give insight into the cause of damage, the strength of building materials, construction defects, poor design, and more.
  • Water Problems: Water can cause significant and varied property damage. Floods, leaks, and high humidity are detrimental to a building’s structure. Flooding can be caused by rain, broken pipes, or fire control. High humidity can cause decayed timbers, rusting metal, and excessive mould.
  • Foundation Movements: Soil can settle or heave due to absorption or loss of moisture, which can cause foundation movements. Tree root desiccation or excessive leaking can lead to differential footing movements. Our structural assessments can determine the source of the movement. It also suggests required remedial measures and repairs.
  • Fire Assessment and Repair: This assessment includes the extent of the damage and a detailed scope of works for pricing purposes.
  • Environmental Damage: Extreme weather can cause significant damage to buildings. It can even make pre-existing construction and design flaws evident. Thorough investigations of environmental damage can reveal the true source of building damage.
  • Impacts: Did your building obtain damage due to an external impact, such as by a vehicle or tree? If so, MFS Engineering is able to assess the damage, determine its extent and provide a comprehensive scope of works for pricing purposes.
  • Building Code Assessment: There are a variety of building code compliance standards that must be investigated by forensic engineers. There are specific standards for stairs, walking surfaces, lighting, and structural integrity. if the construction was not done in compliance with building codes. We investigate whether the design and construction of a building were performed up to the required standards.

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