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Engineering Inspection To Investigate All Causes Of Building And Structural Damage

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Engineering Analyze Of Site Data With Latest Technology To Find Accurate Causes

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Engineering Solutions For Long Lasting Cosmetic Or Structural Rectifications

MFS forensic structural engineering

Forensic Structural Engineering

Forensic Structural Engineers have a wealth of knowledge and experience in diverse areas. Optimum Structural Design, Finding Root Causes of Damage, and Building Failure investigations are just some of their specialties. They’re also pros at practicing as Expert Witnesses in Courts of Law.

Forensic structural Engineering is the last stage of an engineering career. A forensic engineer has an extensive experience in diverse construction-related science. They master design, building materials, construction processes, geotechnical, and soil science. A good designer or geotechnical engineer is not necessarily a forensic expert. Whereas a forensic expert is in fact a competent design engineer.


Forensic Structural Engineering

Save On Travel Costs & Have Easy Access to Structural Experts 

MFS Forensic Engineers Are Available All Over Rural Victoria

MFS Engineering Services

This is an evidence-based comprehensive investigation. It helps engineers to pinpoint the root cause of structural problems.

This service comes in handy if a legal dispute occurs over structural issues. Our experienced forensic structural engineers can testify in court as expert witnesses.

Prevention is the key to our structural designs. our team of structural engineers can help you with design and construction advice. We can also issue certificates of compliance for different types of properties.

MFS Solutions

Homeowners/ Investors

We identify the causes of any damage to your property. We also recommend long-term, effective repair methods.

Insurance & Loss Adjusters

As experts in our field, we are well-familiar with all insurance requirements for building damage. We can assist insurance and loss adjusters in claim assessments.

Builders And Developers

With our engineering solutions, builders and developers can fix structural issues. more importantly, they can prevent them in the future.

Building Consultants

We share our expert knowledge of structural engineering with builders and developers. So they can best assist their clients.

Forensic Structural Investigation By MFS Engineering

We are often asked whether ‘soil testing’ is part of our forensic investigation. Well, it is not. Stay with us, we have a very good reason for that. We’ve got several years of successful practice in the Forensic Engineering field. It made us realise that geotechnical investigations usually do not provide additional information. So it’s an unnecessary action in the majority of cases. With our survey analysis, we can identify how the footing and foundation soil is behaving. It might be shrinking (i.e. losing moisture), settling or expanding (i.e. absorbing moisture), or heaving. The moisture content testing done through geotechnical investigation provides the same information. However, unlike survey analysis, this test can be destructive. It also does not determine how the structure as a whole is behaving due to foundation movements. Yet, in some cases, the forensic engineer may decide to do the geotechnical investigation and certain other tests. Other tests may include: moisture content tests, footing probe, site classification, soil suction, number and depth of samples, etc. 

In that case, MFS Engineering can arrange a geotechnical investigation. We will do such an investigation with well-defined procedures tailored to your need.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, our Forensic Investigation reports are VCAT compliant and can be presented in the court of law as evidence. Read More About VCAT Expert Witness.

The quote that is originally sent to you contains the information regarding our bank details. Please make sure to include your job/quote number in description when making the payment.

It usually takes 10 business days after the inspection to issue the report given that all necessary information is provided.

Depending on the complexity of the site and structure, the inspections usually takes up to 2.5 hours.

Our Forensic Structural Investigation is similar to Building Inspections but it is more detailed. Also, our Forensic Investigation is done by Structural Engineers (not Builders) who are familiar with geotechnical engineering, construction and building process and material engineering. So, if you need to present an evidence to your client or solicitor for example, you will need to have a full forensic investigation done for the property by competent Forensic engineers.  Forensic investigation includes a comprehensive and detailed report on causes of damage and repair recommendations.  

We do not disappear on you after the investigation is done and the report is issued. You can always reach your Engineer via email or phone and ask as many questions as you want. Also, our CRM portal, which you securely have access to, makes the communications between you and your engineer much easier.

If you have the structural drawings of your house, then yes; The type of slab can be confirmed. Otherwise an educated guess will be made based on our engineering knowledge and experience.

Our Engineers have at least bachelor degree of Civil Engineering with many years of experience in structural design of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. With vast knowledge in geotechnical and material science, our engineers are highly trained to be well respected forensic engineers in industry. The engineers are all active members of Institute of Engineers Australia and Forensic Engineering Society of Australia and have passed company’s compulsory police check.

No, unfortunately the fees for our services are not refundable.