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Melbourne Forensic Structural Engineering

Forensic Structural Engineers Experienced in Optimum Structural Design, Root Causes of Damage and Building Failure investigations and Expert Witnesses in Courts of Law.

  • Our vision: For forensic structural engineering services in Victoria to be high-quality, affordable and easily accessible for all.
  • Our approach: Using a cloud-based business model to cut down on service fees for clients and give us access to the best trained senior forensic engineers in the country.
  • Our mission: To be a leader in high-quality forensic investigation services and reporting with the fastest turnaround time in the industry for both urban and rural clients.

Monitor your projects in real time

One of the reasons why MFS Engineering is able to offer high-quality, affordable and accessible forensic structural engineering services is because of our cloud-based business model. Our unique business model allows us to cut down on overhead costs while hiring the most qualified and experienced forensic structural engineers in the entire country. Our forensic engineers are able to provide the most superior services not just because of their qualifications, but because they don’t have to worry about lengthy and time-consuming daily commutes. Instead, they are able to focus all of their energy on helping our clients. MFS Engineering is dedicated to satisfying both our clients and our hard-working forensic engineers.

MFS Engineering Uses A Cloud-Based Business Model To Provide Affordable Forensic Structural Engineering Services For Clients Throughout The State Of Victoria

In addition to following a cutting-edge business model, we use advanced technology to ensure that our clients are able to monitor their projects in real time. If you work with us, you will have access to an integrated CRM portal. This portal is designed to allow us to communicate with our clients in an intimate setting, as well as provide them with updates on their project all on one platform. With the use of our integrated user-friendly CRM portal you can securely check your project’s status, stay well-informed during every step of the process, and easily communicate with us at any time. 

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How To Become A Forensic Structural Engineer

First, Get A Degree

Become An Engineer

Be enthusiastic and get a degree in civil engineering

Second, Gain Experience


Design Various types of structures such as residential, commercial, industrial, etc

Third, Expand Your Knowledge

Become A Multidisciplinary

Gain extensive knowledge about other related sciences such as soil and material

Fourth, get your hands dirty

Become A Builder (sort of)

Have competency and understanding of how construction in reality works

Fifth, learn reverse engineering


Possess detective skills and investigate like one

Sixth, Improve your communication skills


Form an honest opinion and deliver with effective oral and written communication skills

Seventh, think like a lawyer

get ready to win disputes

Have knowledge of legal procedures and be persuasive

Construction Plan, Paper

We understand requirements

We ask all the right questions to find the main concerns and requirements for more accurate investigation.

We work precisely

We conduct all measurements necessary to identify the root causes of damage to buildings and structures.

We deliver best output

We rely on our years of practical experience to deliver simplified reports with effective repair methodologies.

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