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In order to perform effective forensic engineering, a forensic engineer must have a thorough knowledge of engineering principals, analysis and the design and construction industries. An expert forensic engineer would also have hands-on experience with non-compliant project works. Professional forensic engineers must be both objective and focused in order to independently assess both the cause of damage and the responsible party. In order to possess and expertly use these skills, a forensic engineer would need to have years of experience. Forensic investigations appear broad at first, but require a very specific focus as new information is uncovered. MFS Engineering has senior forensic engineers on their staff that fit this exact definition. Builders and developers often require our services due to the high demand for more housing in and around Melbourne.

In Melbourne, the increased housing demands and incredibly fast turnaround of high volume development projects is a recipe for disaster. We aim to improve the quality of buildings and construction in Australia by identifying defects as early as possible during the construction phase. It’s important to us that all buildings are inspected prior to occupancy to ensure the safety of the residents. Our main goal isn’t to fix property damage, but to prevent it altogether.

As builders and developers, you’re well aware of the hindrances that come along with your line of work. No matter how careful you are, mistakes are sometimes inevitable. Have you just built a home and already had the homeowners complain about damage? Don’t worry! We can appraise the house and in no time at all identify both the cause of damage and possible solutions. We work well as a team: we identify the repairs needed, you execute them and your homeowners are happy once again.

Homeowners tend to complain about recently noticed damages to their newly bought homes while they are still under the builder’s warranty. As a builder, it’s important that you have the right team in place to help you identify the causes of damage to recently build homes and ensure that effective and long lasting remedial measures take place immediately. This way, there won’t be a need to revisit the damaged house over and over again to patch the cracks only for homeowners to complain again months later. MFS Engineering can save you a substantial amount of money and time by pointing you in the right direction regarding the proper identification of and solutions for damages.

We can also help you directly. Have you bought a house that needs some home improvements, but you aren’t sure where to start? Maybe you have a house that needs an upgrade, but you aren’t sure whether it requires structural works like footing improvements. We can come in, perform a thorough site inspection complete with necessary measurements and tell you exactly what structural upgrades are needed for your home renovation. We will identify defects to the home, as well as ways to fix the damage and present it all to you in a comprehensive report. We understand the importance of identifying building defects early, as well as fixing them in a timely manner to ensure that the repairs are sustainable. We can turn the complex and multifaceted issues of construction and development into one simplified process with long-lasting results.

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