Structural Engineering Services

Forensic engineering takes more than just sitting behind computers and sizing up beams and columns. Our Forensic and Structural engineers have an active presence on sites across Melbourne. They monitor and assess the behaviour of building elements and structures. And it all takes place under actual site conditions.

We accurately identify the causes of building damage and structural failures. Then we put our hands-on experience to use and deliver quality results.

Structural Engineering Services

This is an evidence-based comprehensive investigation. It helps engineers to pinpoint the root cause of structural problems.

This service comes in handy if a legal dispute occurs over structural issues. Our experienced forensic structural engineers can testify in court as expert witnesses.

Prevention is the key to our structural designs. our team of structural engineers can help you with design and construction advice. We can also issue certificates of compliance for different types of properties. It includes residential, commercial, and even industrial projects.

We provide expert advice to homeowners, investors, and building consultants. If you need a second, unbiased opinion on your insurance claim assessment, you can count on us.

Do you want to save money, time, and annoyance in the future? Our qualified senior structural engineers can help you out. They do so by assessing the structural integrity of your property.

This report assesses the building’s original condition. It takes place before construction starts on the neighboring property. The owners are protected by such assessment.

Do you need to know why the footing of your home is moving? Conducting comprehensive floor-level surveys is the way to uncover the reason. We do that using high-quality tools and expert eyes on the project.

We hire only the most experienced forensic structural engineers in the country. We provide expert advice on all structural issues.

We specialise in Australian building damage investigations. We create a reliable list of building structural defects. This helps property managers in their cases.

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