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We provide expert advice to homeowners, investors and building consultants. If you need a second, unbiased opinion on their insurance claim assessment you can count on us. 
Insurance Claim Assessment
Insurance Claim Forensic Engineering Report
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There is no one reason why buildings and structures get damaged. The job of a forensic structural engineer is to determine if the cause was an inadequate initial design or poor construction. They also can figure out if plumbing problems or natural events like fires or earthquakes play a role. In the process of handling the insurance claim, everyone must understand the proximate cause of damage. This includes anybody that is involved from the insurer to the property owner. However, only a thorough forensic structural engineering inspection can determine these causes.

A forensic structural engineering inspection can determine the causes behind damages to a building damage

At MFS Engineering, all our engineers have years of experience with the Australian Insurance industry. But that’s not all. They also have a rich background of working with loss adjusters as forensic experts. They have helped these industries determine liability and settle disputes. They’ve provided them with high-quality, simplified building inspection reports and structural investigation reports. Their objective opinion could have shed light on structural failure’s cause(s). MFS Engineering provides the following services to Insurers, Loss Adjusters, and Building Consultants: 

  • Detailed and professional site inspections conducted by experienced and knowledgeable senior forensic structural engineers . These building inspections help our forensic experts to identify the root cause of structural failure. Our building inspections negate the need for additional engineering services. For example, geotechnical investigations are among those extra services. It’s only helpful in 20% of cases.
  •  Engineering solutions for building damages caused by extreme weather conditions or natural events, such as heavy winds, earthquakes, and fires.
  • The production of high-quality reports of building inspection, forensic investigation reports, and scope of works at an affordable cost.  We’ve created a process that is specifically designed for insurance companies so there are no hidden costs.
  • High-quality, affordable services. We pride ourselves in our simplified working process, where fees are based on the project’s inspection zone rather than time units. This allows our clients to contact us with any questions or concerns without fear of being charged extra.
  • Transparent and honest communication. Our comprehensive, user-friendly CRM portal keeps our clients up-to-date with the status of their projects. It allows them to securely check project milestones. Clients can have quick and efficient access to us via the CRM portal.
  • Quick turnaround times. At MFS Engineering we provide our solutions in a quick and efficient matter. Thanks to our performance-focused business model.

MFS Engineering works with insurance and loss adjusters throughout Victoria (Metropolitan and Regional). With our cloud-based business model, all our senior forensic structural engineers are able to work from home. This also benefits our clients. But how?  Through this model, we’re able to provide affordable services. Our rates are significantly lower rate than other structural engineering companies. MFS Engineering is able to provide high-quality while affordable forensic structural engineering services. Our services are not limited to one place; we’re available throughout Victoria State.

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Forensic engineer acts as historian. The failure must be analysed from the perspective of technical knowledge and professional procedures in a context that might have been much different from present practice or the investigator’s own design standards.