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Homeowners and investors have a significant need for forensic engineers. Unfortunately, there are times when structural and civil engineering projects underperform. The ways in which these projects underperform can result in different outcomes. From structural collapse and structural distortion to excessive settlements, all is possible. Forensic engineers have the necessary knowledge to analyse information gathered from a property. They then suggest additional tests to find the cause of structural “failure” or even cosmetic damages. Forensic engineers can identify hidden causes of damage. They’re also able to make suggestions to remedy the significant financial loss.

Home Engineer For Homeowners And Investors, MFS Engineering

When it comes to damage to a property, the cause isn’t always complex. Something as seemingly insignificant as a tree too close to a home can cause serious damage. However, the solution isn’t as simple as removing the tree. Oftentimes, trees- and their roots- can damage homes without even being on the homeowner’s property. In this case, councils may need to become involved and that can become complicated. Councils oftentimes require concrete proof that a tree located off of a homeowner’s property is causing damage. What better proof than a persuasive and detailed forensic report? And what better report than the one compiled by expert forensic engineers?

detailed forensic report, MFS Engineering

However, If you are not sure about the root of the damage to your house or investment property, there are other ways. If you do not want to commit to a full forensic investigation, a simple building inspection can do the trick.

A competent forensic engineer from the MFS Engineering team will inspect your property. Then take necessary measurements and advise you as to what the proximate cause of damage may be. It’s going to be an efficient, cost-effective, and quick assessment. You can ask the engineer as many questions as you like regarding your property in this session.

We help homeowners through our residential structural inspection. Therefore they can protect their assets and ensure their rights while working with builders.

We at MFS Engineering understand the frustration that comes along with purchasing a house. Working with builders and the construction industry can be absolutely draining. Don’t take this on by yourself; call in the experts and let us handle it for you. Read more about forensic structural engineering and the services we offer to homeowners here. We can help if you are dealing with one of the scenarios below:

  • You think your builder and/or engineer have cut corners in designing and constructing your home.
  • You want to buy an established property but aren’t sure which building defects to look for or which ones can hurt your bank account in the long run.
  • You have noticed developing damage to your house but aren’t sure of the cause.
  • You have cracking damage to your property that keeps coming back no matter how many times you or your builder patches it up.
  • You are taking your builder to court and need an expert witness to help you win the case.
  • You need a second opinion on your insurance claim decision.

We help you find solutions for all of these problems at a fraction of the industry price thanks to our cloud-based business model. If you want to read more about our business model, click here.

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