What is the Role of a Forensic Structural Engineering?

Forensic Structural Engineering (Simplified)

Have you ever experienced several structural damages in your home? Damages that no matter how hard you try to find their origin, are still showing up.

Fortunately, there are trained professionals to rescue you and your building. Forensic structural engineers are experts who identify the cause of damage to buildings. 

Any damaged building, including private residences, can be examined by forensic structural engineers. They can pinpoint the most likely causes of the damage. They not only find the roots of the structure failure but offer the best way to solve the problem.

In Melbourne alone, there are 1.7 million houses. It means that quite a number of Melbournians are homeowners. If you own a home, it is by far your biggest asset. Like all valuable assets, houses need regular maintenance and protection to prevent damage. Even the slightest damage to your home could reduce your property value at best.  At worst, it also could pose a significant security threat.

A Forensic engineer checking out a building
A forensic engineer checking out a building

That being said, most property damage is minor and easily fixable. But it’s only possible if the cause of the damage is properly identified. Forensic structural engineers can also provide suggestions on how to prevent the reoccurrence of the problem. This action minimizes the risk of any other type of damage to your home.

A brick wall with several gaps between bricks
The gap between the bricks of a wall as a common structural damage

Learn more about forensic investigation Here.

If you notice damage to your home, don’t panic. Instead, pick up the phone and call a qualified forensic structural engineer. They know how to fix the problem and help protect your biggest asset.

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