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Whether you’re an engineering company, builder or homeowner, one of your worst nightmares is a faulty building. If you’re a homeowner, you know that purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your entire life. Similarly, if you work in construction or engineering, you’re well aware of the money that goes into building property. If anything were to happen to that property, not only would the cost be astronomical, but the consequences could be deadly. Places like homes and office buildings that individuals spend most of their time in should be safe spaces. However, that isn’t always the case. That’s where Melbourne Forensic Structural Engineering comes in. We offer services ranging from Building inspection and expert advice to forensic investigation and insurance claim assessment, but this isn’t much different from the services of other engineering businesses. So, what makes us so special?

We are radically transforming the forensic engineering industry by providing high quality service at most affordable prices with the help of our unique business model.

why do we charge less?

MFS Engineering is the first ever online forensic structural engineering business, which has allowed us to drastically decrease the cost of our services. What is one of the main questions you ask a forensic engineering company before deciding to work with them? The question that we get most often is “How much do you charge for your services?” This is undeniably an important question, as everyone has a different budget. However, ensuring that your home is structurally safe isn’t the kind of think you want to skimp on. One of the major benefits of working with an online forensic engineering business is that we are able to charge lower rates to customers. By working online, MFS Engineering has been able to cut down on overhead costs and radically transform the forensic engineering industry. Here are the top three reasons why our online platform leads to affordable rates:

Team Work at MFS Engineering Australia

We only hire Senior Forensic Engineers

The Forensic Engineering Service is something only educated people in the industry know about. Generally, not every Design Engineer is a Forensic Engineer, but every Forensic Structural Engineer is also a Design Engineer. Design Engineers often have minimal forensic structural engineering experience, which usually leads to inaccurate diagnosis and unnecessary expenses that clients unknowingly must pay for. Senior Forensic Engineers have developed their specific skill sets through years of hands on experience in the forensic field. When you work with us at MFS Engineering, you can do so with confidence knowing that only the highest qualified engineers are part of our staff and you won’t pay for extras that you do not even need.

We use a cloud-based portal

By using a unique cloud-based portal, our engineers are able to connect with us and each other easily. Our portal improves communication and eliminates the need for employees to work together under one roof, which contributes to significantly lower overhead costs.

Less overhead costs

We can now charge our customers the most affordable rates possible because we aren’t paying for all of the hefty fees that typically come with running a large business such as rent and electricity. When our company has less bills to pay, we can charge our customers less while still making a profit and providing high quality services.

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Here at MFS Engineering, we’re committed to ensuring that buildings everywhere are structurally sound and safe. Our groundbreaking online platform allows us to be the most efficient, trustworthy and affordable forensic structural engineering company in the industry. If you’re in the market for a dedicated and efficient forensic structural engineering team, contact MFS .

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