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We work for engineering consultancies by providing our highly specialized forensic services under their own brand without them needing to lift a finger

There are a variety of engineers that are experts in their specific fields. However, most engineering companies don’t possess engineers from every field. Forensic engineers are highly specialised when it comes to structural failure. Forensic engineers cover a variety of cases. The cause of damage can range from material or component failure to extreme footing movements or structural failure. For this reason, forensic engineers need to be trained in not only inspecting the site, but data analysis and interviewing, as well. They need to investigate every possible cause of damage to a property. Aside from the forensic investigation itself, forensic engineers must be experienced with all aspects of litigation, including how properly handle potential evidence, how to document the investigation in detail, and how to present these findings in court.

The job of a forensic engineer requires specific skills that not every engineer possesses. If you are looking to grow your engineering business, adding forensic engineering services as a separate sector is a fantastic way to expand. However, it can be challenging given the lack of competent forensic structural engineers in the Australian market. Forensic engineers must be highly trained and experienced, as they have little room for error in their line of work. That’s where MFS Engineering comes in.

We can help you grow your engineering business by partnering with you to offer forensic engineering services. We are able to manage all of your forensic projects competently under your business brand, which means that you can grow your engineering business while providing an important service to your valuable clients at minimum cost and hassle free. No matter who your clients are, we have processes specifically tailored for a wide range of clients including but not limited to: building owners, property managers, body corporates, insurance companies, loss adjusters, contractors, and solicitors. The engineers at MFS Engineering are trained to work respectfully with all other parties involved and to communicate clearly and objectively.

We Work With You Adding Value To Your Clients
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At MFS Engineering we have carefully scouted for and obtained the services of the most skilled and experienced forensic engineers on the market, so you don’t have to! Our senior forensic engineers have 10+ years of experience in the structural design and building construction sectors. They have developed their specific skill sets through years of hands on experience in the forensic field. These forensic engineers work with us to provide thorough site inspections and detailed forensic and causation reports specifically tailored to your business. Additionally, our forensic engineers have extensive experience handling cases where there are conflicting opinions as to the cause of damage to a property.

At MFS Engineering, we work closely with engineering consultancies like yours to provide transparent communication and clear expectations in order to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. We offer a wide range of high quality services and have designed our price lists so that both of our businesses can thrive and grow. If you are struggling to find competent forensic engineers for your business, let the dedicated and efficient forensic experts at MFS Engineering manage your forensic projects from start to finish. We guarantee that you’ll have a more than satisfactory experience.

services available to Engineering Consultancies

This comprehensive investigation allows engineers to provide definitive answers regarding the root cause of structural damage done to a building based on evidence.

As experts in Australian building damage investigations, we are able to create a list of building Structural and Cosmetic defects to help property managers in their case.

We provide expert advice to homeowners, investors and building consultants who need a second, unbiased opinion regarding their insurance claim assessment.

A dilapidation report assesses a building’s initial condition prior to the commencement of neighboring property’s construction in order to protect the owners.

If a legal dispute occurs over structural issues, our forensic structural engineers have the experience to act as expert witnesses in court.

Monitor your projects in real time

In addition to following a cutting-edge business model, we use advanced technology to ensure that our clients are able to monitor their projects in real time. If you work with us, you will have access to an integrated CRM portal, which will allow you to:

  • Make changes to your account
  • View our blog
  • Access important updates on your project
  • Keep up with the status of your project
  • File support cases
  • Submit orders
  • Access your order details
  • Participate in discussion forums
  • Upload files relevant to your project
  • Download files about your project provided by MFS Engineering

This portal is designed to allow us to communicate with our clients in an intimate setting, as well as provide them with updates on their project all on one platform. With the use of our integrated user-friendly CRM portal you can securely check your project’s status, stay well-informed during every step of the process, and easily communicate with us at any time.

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Our CRM portal has been designed so that you can easily and securely manage your projects and communicate with us whenever necessary. Files can be uploaded and downloaded seamlessly via our portal minimising all the possible delays in project handling.

You will only need to submit the job through our CRM portal. Our team will take it from there and all administrative tasks such as contacting the client, booking inspection etc. will be managed by our team at MFS Engineering (under your brand name of curse), unless we are advised otherwise by you.

It is very simple. We sign a mutual contract, you will then be provided with a secure username and password to our CRM portal. We will only need your notepads with your company’s logo to perform site inspections under your brand name.

Whilst the QA reviewing of the reports can also be done by MFS, we strongly recommend the Engineering consultancies that work with us to handle the reviewing part to make sure that the project fully meets their job descriptions before issuing to the client. This is especially important when you decide to manage the administrative side of the projects completely by your firm and therefore MFS may not become fully aware of your client’s requirements. Therefore, QA reviewing of your projects by your trusted staff is crucial.

Design engineers are not necessarily competent forensic engineers. Our experience have shown that engaging inexperienced forensic engineers leads to incorrect diagnosis and recommendations which cause confusions and frustrations. Also, engaging the same engineers that have designed the structure you built usually leads to a biased opinion and an unhappy client.

Advantages of working with us includes, but not limited to, the followings:

  • Low overhead costs due to our unique cloud-based business model which has ultimately led to significant reduce in the cost of our services compared to what other conventional companies charge for similar services.
  • Fast turnaround times thanks to our internal portal specifically designed to reduce the life of projects.
  • Thanks to our portal we are forced to only hire highly trained senior forensic structural engineers for detailed inspections and accurate diagnosis to reduce the project duration.
  • Simplified working process and our fixed fees. Our fees are always based upon the inspection zone of the project and never upon time units.
  • Last but not least, we have been in this industry long enough to identify the pain points. We have created solutions to those pain points by providing cost effective, simple, professional and reliable forensic services.
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