Advantages of Cloud-Based Engineering Business Part 2

A common question we get asked is: Why aren’t more engineering businesses cloud-based? The answer is quite simple: they haven’t caught up with the growing internet trend. It’s unfortunate, but many businesses in the engineering industry haven’t realized that it’s even possible for them to function as a solely online business. MFS Engineering is truly ahead of the curve. Many people find comfort in familiarity and sticking to the “traditional” way of doing things- not MFS Engineering. When nearly 9 out of 10 consumers are researching local businesses online instead of in person, there’s only one way to ensure that our business stays relevant- by creating a strong and transparent online presence.

Operating as a cloud-based business means that we can be more attentive to customer’s need, readily available for communications and more effective as forensic engineers.

Here are some of the most important advantages of cloud-based engineering businesses:

Improved standard of living

Cloud-based business advantages extend beyond directly helping our customers and can actually improve the standard of living of our forensic structural engineers- which in turn benefits customers. Our business model allows our engineers to work from home, which means they can get more rest, be in a comfortable work environment and avoid rush hour commutes. It’s important to us that our engineers are able to work for a company that appreciates them and strives to improve their standard of living.

Advantages of Cloud-Based Engineering Business Part 2

Quick turnaround

The benefits of cloud-based businesses for our employees from improved standard of living, less commute time and the most comfortable working environment of all have led to increased productivity and, equally as important, quick turnaround. At MFS Engineering, we have been able to exceed client’s expectations by delivering the highest quality of work possible in less time than they could have imagined- all thanks to our cloud-based forensic structural engineering business model.

Greater efficiency and productivity

Statistically, more and more people are choosing to work from home- and it makes sense. Less time spent commuting means more time working and more time to relax after a long day of hard work. We value our engineers and strive to make their lives easier- but we have also found that well-rested, valued engineers provide better services to our customers. A cloud-based business model truly makes everyone happy.

Flexible hours

One of the most attractive benefits to new employees is flexible hours. However, the engineering industry is falling quite far behind in this regard- not only are 9-5 jobs in the industry the standard, but most employees end up working a significant amount of overtime. Who wants to work in an office where they’re overworked, underappreciated and spend more time in an office than in their own home? At MFS Engineering, we want to radically transform the notion that engineers should be overworked. Flexible hours give our engineers the ability to run errands without pressure and more time to spend with their family.

Advantages of Cloud-Based Engineering Business

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Maybe one day other engineering consultancies will catch up and switch to online platforms. For now, MFS Engineering is one of the only cloud-based engineering businesses in the world and the only one in Australia. We find that operating through an online platform means that we can be more attentive to customers’ needs, readily available for communication and more effective when it comes to our work. If you are in need of a forensic structural engineer, we are always available. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any of your forensic engineering needs.

Advantages of Cloud-Based Engineering Business Part 1

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