Forensic Structural Engineering (Simplified)

Forensic structural engineers are individuals who are trained to identify the cause of damage to buildings. Forensic structural engineers are able to inspect any damaged building, including private homes, and list the most probable causes of the damage.

Forensic structural engineers are trained to find the cause of structural damage and the best way to solve the problem.

In Melbourne alone there are 1.7 million houses, meaning that quite a number of Melbournians are homeowners. If you own a home, it is by far your biggest asset. Like all valuable assets, houses need regular maintenance and protection to prevent damage. Even the slightest of damage to your home could reduce your property value at best and pose a significant security threat at worst.

That being said, most property damage is minor and easily fixable if the cause of the damage is properly identified. After the cause of damage is identified, a trained forensic structural engineer can also suggest ways to prevent this type of damage from reoccurring and minimize the risk of any other type of damage to your home.

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Learn more about forensic investigation Here.

If you notice damage to your home, don’t panic. Instead, pick up the phone and call a qualified forensic structural engineer to fix the problem and help protect your biggest asset.

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