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We share our expert knowledge of structural engineering with building consultants so they can best assist their clients

Forensic structural engineers know how a structure behaves better than anyone. While building consultants have their own specialised skills related to structures, forensic structural engineers are trained to identify the source of structural failure through reverse engineering. These engineers can then identify evidence of structural failure in court. The National Academy of Forensic Engineers defines forensic structural engineering as the “application of the art and science of engineering in matters which are in, or may possibly relate to, the jurisprudence system, inclusive of alternative dispute resolution.” Our senior forensic structural engineers are able to identify the root cause of damage to buildings and structures to help building consultants make the important decisions.

Builders are highly skilled in their profession, but oftentimes require the services of forensic structural engineers to determine the cause of structural defects even on structures they may have built themselves. In most cases, builders tend to go back to the original structural designer or another design engineer for advice. However, a design engineer is ill-equipped to determine causation, despite their structural experience. If a design engineer attempts to determine the cause of damage, building consultants can be met with incorrect investigation methodology, inaccurate diagnosis, subsequent inappropriate repairs and significant financial loss. However, at MFS Engineering, we have seen it all. With our years of experience in design combined with geotechnical and material science, we have fully developed our investigation skills and forensic structural engineering knowledge.

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MFS Engineering is different from other forensic structural engineering companies because we are the first ever cloud-based business, which enables us to cut down on overhead costs and provide affordable services that can radically transform the forensic engineering industry. We only employ the highest qualified engineers so you can feel confident about working with us. We draw on our many years of experience to provide high-quality assistance to the insurance industry in claims handling. We know the right questions to ask and we obtain information thoroughly to ensure the most accurate answers are found. When working with us, you never need to worry about price fluctuations, delayed turnaround times and confusing technical reports. Instead, we offer fixed, affordable rates for our services, short turnaround times and simple yet conclusive reports. 

Whether your client is a homeowner, property manager, body corporate or insurance company, we at MFS Engineering have a process specifically tailored to their needs. We have experience working with every kind of client and are trained to assist them in making fully informed decisions regarding their property by accurately identifying building defects, causes and required remedial works. With a full understanding of the National Construction Code of Australia (NCC) and related Australian standards, we can accurately assess building compliance against all current Australian codes and regulations.

services available to Building Consultants

This comprehensive investigation allows engineers to provide definitive answers regarding the root cause of structural damage done to a building based on evidence.

Unlike others, our qualified senior structural engineers assess the structural integrity of your property (instead of cosmetic defects) to save you money, time and annoyances in the future.

Monitor your projects in real time

In addition to following a cutting-edge business model, we use advanced technology to ensure that our clients are able to monitor their projects in real time. If you work with us, you will have access to an integrated CRM portal, which will allow you to:

  • Make changes to your account
  • View our blog
  • Access important updates on your project
  • Keep up with the status of your project
  • File support cases
  • Submit orders
  • Access your order details
  • Participate in discussion forums
  • Upload files relevant to your project
  • Download files about your project provided by MFS Engineering

This portal is designed to allow us to communicate with our clients in an intimate setting, as well as provide them with updates on their project all on one platform. With the use of our integrated user-friendly CRM portal you can securely check your project’s status, stay well-informed during every step of the process, and easily communicate with us at any time.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Depending on the job requirements our tests can vary. We usually perform floor level survey, brick course level survey and wall verticality test. When necessary infrared thermal imaging test, moisture readings and subfloor inspections etc. will also be carried out.

Our CRM portal has been designed so that you can easily and securely manage your projects and communicate with us whenever necessary. Files can be uploaded and downloaded seamlessly via our portal minimising all the possible delays in project handling.

Yes, we do provide detailed scope of works for repairs but for costing purposes only. Our SOW is not for construction.

Yes, we do. Our design team consists of highly experienced engineers who work closely with Forensic Structural engineers to propose and design long lasting and most cost effective rectification methods to achieve desirable outcomes.  

Advantages of working with us includes, but not limited to, the followings:

  • Low overhead costs due to our unique cloud-based business model which has ultimately led to significant reduce in the cost of our services compared to what other conventional companies charge for similar services.
  • Fast turnaround times thanks to our internal portal specifically designed to reduce the life of projects.
  • Thanks to our portal we are forced to only hire highly trained senior forensic structural engineers for detailed inspections and accurate diagnosis to reduce the project duration.
  • Simplified working process and our fixed fees. Our fees are always based upon the inspection zone of the project and never upon time units.
  • Last but not least, we have been in this industry long enough to identify the pain points. We have created solutions to those pain points by providing cost effective, simple, professional and reliable forensic services.
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